Tips to increase your chances of making a sale


Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Every business needs to acquire new clients in order to ensure its growth. Learn about tools that can help you achieve your goals and turn your cold calls into well-prepared warm calls!

Recently, National Bank launched NB CAMP, a Canada-wide event for entrepreneurs that allows participants to reflect on and explore innovative business concepts and digital developments. The Camp includes a workshop called Cyber Explorer, which covers how to gain a deeper understanding of your clients and their needs through online research. One of the methods featured was the IMAGE acronym:

 I       Company’s Internet presence

M      Company and key employee social Media

A       Professional Association sites

G       Government sites

E       Editorial coverage (press)

The IMAGE approach provides tools so you can explore the Internet for business intelligence. This systematic method will help you sift through the overwhelming volume of data on the Internet and improve your success rates whenprospecting for new clients. Here are a few websites that can help you carry out your investigation: 

I    , as well as Google’s regional domains (e.g., for Russia, for France, for China).

M           Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

A           Websites of professional associations and chambers of commerce.

G  and similar sites



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