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Thursday, August 25, 2016

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From the time that small spark lit up in your mind until the point when your idea was commercialized, you set the creative machine in motion to make your business a reality. And then between production, concerns to deal with and accounting, you certainly haven’t escaped feeling overwhelmed in your routine of tasks to be performed. We all know it: creativity is something that needs to be worked on and maintained. How do you awaken your curiosity in your day-to-day activity? Check out the following practical advice that’s so easy to put into practice.

Here's a little reminder of how you can remain creative, even when you have to produce and deliver. 

These strategies have been developed to improve the quality of life of employees with an attention deficit and they've proved to be effective at boosting creativity. 

1. Turn off the noise 

An office with partitions or a production environment can be very loud and noises multiply quickly. The phone ringer, certain devices and conversation often interrupt our concentration. 

Solution: Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling earphones or earplugs. Certain organizations have small rooms that employees can retreat to when they need some quiet. 

2. Prioritize your tasks

How you perform depends on the priorities you set for yourself. According to psychologist Dr. Martin Pearson, it's important to organize your tasks based on how important and urgent they are. For many employees, time management is an everyday challenge.

Solution: Draft a realistic schedule of your obligations and organize your work time.

3. Declutter

Everything has its own place. That's true at work too. Many people spend a ridiculous amount of time searching for a tool or a file. 

Solution: Take the time to organize your work space. 

4. No more interruptions

Ding! That familiar noise alerts you to incoming mail lowers your concentration and affects performance.  

Solution: Turn off all ringtones and alerts on all your devices. Get in the habit of checking your emails and messages at specific times that you've set in advance.

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