Self-employed or entrepreneur: what is your profile?


Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Since there is no one way to be one or the other, it is particularly difficult to answer this question. In order to get a clearer picture, it is important to distinguish between these two worlds. Nicolas Duvernois, president and founder of PUR Vodka and Romeo's Gin, looks at 5 factors which demonstrate his take on the subject.

1. Basic business idea

The idea you have for your business could help you decide on what direction to take. Some people sell their expertise, while others develop products.

"Most of the time, self-employed professionals have something to offer that only they can provide," says Duvernois. "That's the case with graphic designers; if they don't create visual projects, they don't have anything to offer."

On the other hand, entrepreneurs don't have to be involved in all aspects of development for their business to work. "If someone buys Romeo's Gin in a store, it's because I haven't been the one solely responsible for bringing that to the customer," he says.

2. Different pace

Because self-employed professionals are the only ones in charge, they won't have the same responsibilities as someone who owns a company.

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