Protect your company’s intellectual property


Tuesday, December 1, 2015
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You have an original and unique idea? You’ve invented a revolutionary product? Your trademark sets you apart from your competitors? Think about protecting these assets, which are central to your company’s activities!

The four major types of intellectual property are governed by separate pieces of legislation:

  • Copyright (Copyright Act)
  • Trademarks (Trade-marks Act)
  • Patents (Patent Act)
  • Industrial design (Industrial Design Act)

Whenever you are dealing with intellectual property, you must consider what type it is. Your Rights, Your Business – Your Intellectual Property, a pamphlet published by the Quebec Bar Foundation, will help you do this. 

Intellectual property belongs to the owner

First, you must ensure that you, in fact, own your inventions, your trademark, the source code for your software, the content of your website, etc. “When you assign a task to a sub-contractor, the service contract must specify that intellectual property rights and moral rights be transferred to the business,” explained Frédéric Letendre, a lawyer and trademark specialist at BDSL. “You will also need a clause regarding the protection of personal information.”


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